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    1. Changke enterprise

      Industrial robot one-stop service provider

      Guangzhou Changke Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is an enterprise specializing in the technical services for the integration of factory automation equipment, including the sales, commissioning, repair, maintenance, training, engineering equipment maintenance (such as servo, frequency conversion, man-machine, etc.), industrial automation equipment upgrading and transformation projects and other professional technical services for the automobile manufacturing industry, photoelectric industry Provide efficient and reliable overall solutions for semiconductor industry and general industry. Branches and offices have been set up in Ningbo, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Hefei. Both branches and offices have more than 8 technical backbone teams and warehouses for spare parts of commonly used vulnerable parts, so as to reach the customer's site within 2-4 hours to provide customers with cost-effective service guarantee with high efficiency.
      Changke Automation mainly involves world leading robots such as ABB, Kuka KUKA, Yaskawa, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Panasonic, Comau, Sanxie SANKYO and modern robots.
      Changke Automation mainly involves the maintenance and sales of industrial products of industrial control brands such as Mitsubishi, Siemens, Omron, Keens, Fanuc, Yaskawa, ABB, Panasonic, etc.
      Guangzhou Changke Automation Equipment has been recognized by many customers with its high-quality service and maintenance level, as well as the team's professionalism and honest service attitude.

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      Our services

      Fifteen years of persistence, we have different attachments

      Robot repair

      ABB, KUKA, Kawasaki, FANUC, Yaskawa and other brands are available in stock, spare parts are complete, over 8000 large inventory, new original and second-hand are available, 100% ...

      Robot maintenance

      Check whether the robot is abnormal or abnormal, the problem is discovered in time, and the fault is solved quickly and effectively. Our company can quickly provide maintenance so...

      Equipment Repair

      There are offices in and outside the province, and they are on call. Under the condition of sufficient spare parts, the production line will be returned within one day, there will...


      We sell robots such as KUKA robots, ABB robots, Yaskawa robots, and Kawasaki robots. We provide one-stop service for industrial robots from robot selection, installation, commissi...

      Changke enterprise Service brand

      Fifteen years of persistence, we have different attachments

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      Our advantage

      Fifteen years of persistence, we have different attachments

      Hot products

      Fifteen years of persistence, we have different attachments

      Robot repair Robot maintenance Equipment Repair Products

      SANKYO robot repair, maintenance, debugging and spare parts sales, spot sales

      SANKYO robot repair...
      Sanxie robot inventory: long - term stock, second-hand and new can be ordered. Advantage to...

      00-130-547kuka c2 teaching device maintenance spare parts sales

      00-130-547kuka c2 t...

      ABB main board DSQC1017 3hac050354-001 in stock

      ABB main board DSQC...

      Kawasaki paint robot maintenance system upgrade

      Kawasaki paint robo...
      Kawasaki Robot maintenance

      Fanuc robot maintenance type selection and replacement service

      Fanuc robot mainten...

      KUKA KUKA robot maintenance

      KUKA KUKA robot mai...

      ABB robot maintenance

      ABB robot maintenan...

      Japan yaskawa painting robot MPX3500 maintenance

      Japan yaskawa paint...
      The motion of yaskawa spraying robot MPX3500 is more flexible, convenient and smooth with t...

      ABB robot instructional cable 3hac023195-003

      ABB robot instructi...
      ABB robot demonstrator cable 3hac023195-003Models: 3 hac023195-003

      Model of ABB spraying robot instructor: 3hna024941-001

      Model of ABB sprayi...
      ABB spraying robot instructorModels: 3 hna012283-001

      00-198-265kuka  driver -kpp-600-20-1 ×64

      00-198-265kuka dri...
      KUKA KUKA driver - kpp-600-20-1 ×64Order number: 00-198-265

      THK server

      THK server
      Name: THK serverPrice: call, adjust according to customer demand.

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      Maintenance case site

      Fifteen years of persistence, we have different attachments
      安川机器人保养 ABB机器人维修 ABB机器人六轴维修 库卡机器人现场维修 库卡机器人皮带张力检测 ABB机器人维修保养现场 ABB机器人故障排查
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